To Defenders of Freedom

Journalist and PR specialist Margaryta joined the ranks of the territorial defense forces

25-year-old Margaryta Rivchachenko was working in journalism and public relations for three years after finishing her studies. She was the press secretary for a people’s deputy; wrote articles on economic special projects of the ‘Ukrainska pravda’ news outlet, in particular about women in business; and developed branding campaigns. She was also the press secretary of last year’s ‘March for Kyiv’, which gathered 10,000 people — residents of the capital gathered to call for a stop in the mass construction in the city and make it comfortable to live.

Margaryta still helps to protect the capital. However, now she does it as part of the territorial defense of Kyiv. Prior to joining the defenders, the girl took courses in paramedics and an additional course in the Ukrainian volunteer medical battalion ‘Hospitallers’. She now provides medical care to the wounded and sick, as well as assembles first aid kits and finds equipment for her unit. She also communicates with other journalists and reports on the successes and needs of Kyiv’s defenders. Now her future for the next three years is defined by a contract, and after our victory, she plans to write. Margaryta wants to engrave not only her own memories, but also the memories of her fellow servicemen and women.

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