To Defenders of Freedom

IT specialist Andrii moved from Lviv to Kyiv due to the war and is defending the city as a part of the territorial defense

At six o’clock in the morning on February 24, Andrii Khoma was awakened by a phone call from a military friend: it had begun. The young man went to the military enlistment office, but without combat experience and previous military service he could not join the Armed Forces. He packed and went to Kyiv, where he joined the territorial defense.

For Andrii, the joke “in Ukraine no one want to serve in the army, but everyone wants to fight” is his personal story. At the age of 23, the man acquired a profession and made plans that were not military related, but now his position is as follows: “I do not want the boys to die while I am sitting in warmth and safety. I want to fight for my safety myself. “

Source: Reporters
Photo: Danylo Pavlov

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