To Defenders of Freedom

In the Kyiv region, a family and volunteers bake 300 loaves of bread daily for defenders and lonely people

The Sobko family lives in the village of Vytachiv, Obukhiv district, Kyiv region. In late spring, they planned to start a family business — a bakery. They wanted to combine ancient and modern technologies: a wood-burning stove with hot water and sourdough bread baked at the bottom of the oven. Russia’s invasion forced the work to begin earlier.

Volunteers from Kyiv helped to make up the shortage of equipment that was difficult to purchase due to the war — together with the family, they knead the dough by hands and bake unleavened craft bread.

Since kneading bread is a hard work, only one of the two ovens are being used so far. In it, bakers bake for the territorial defense, military, hospitals, lonely elderly people. In total, you can bake up to 300 loaves of “living” bread every day.

“Our first bread was kneaded by hand by my mother — just like my grandmother used to do. While kneading, she prayed to God to strengthen our guys, because they are doing a great job,” says housewife Iryna. She and her relatives are convinced that in such difficult times of war, our country is powerful, strong and united. And together we will definitely win.

Photo: Borys Korpusenko

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