To Defenders of Freedom

Founder of a jam brand Olena became a volunteer and brought already from abroad 14 cars for the military

Olena Hashynska founded the grocery company “Jam House”, which produces jams, sugar-free pastes, sauces, and preserves. But with the launch of the war, the woman exchanged jam for pickup trucks. Her team continues to work and supported the decision of its owner. In three months, the businesswoman was able to buy and deliver 14 cars — and has already bought 7 more.

The history of Olena’s volunteering began with the purchase of drones, but with lackluster results. Then the woman received an offer via Linkedin: through the post of an acquaintance, Rob from Germany said that he could donate a car to the Armed Forces. Then everything started. Two months ago, the woman knew nothing about pickups. Now she is happy to share information about the search, delivery, and customs clearance of vehicles for the Armed Forces.

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