To Defenders of Freedom

Entrepreneur and agricultural inventor Yura’s farms burned down in the shelling of the airport in Hostomel. Now he sews clothes for the military

Before February 24, Yura was working on developing innovative vertical farming. He dreamed of organic vegetables and fruits growing even in Antarctica or Mars. He had put two years into the farms that burned down in the Russian shelling. After losing his life’s work, he did not give up, instead launching a sewing shop a few days later.

“Many of my military friends said they lacked bulletproof vests. With a friend, we learned how to sew them according to NATO standards, found suppliers, and gathered a team. My friend worked in a bridal studio, and now she oversees operations. I deal with logistics and fundraising. There are 38 of us on the team now,” Yura shares. In a day, the team manages to sew a hundred bulletproof vests and fifty pieces of clothing.

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