To Defenders of Freedom

Dymer village residents stole a Russian fuel truck and siphoned gas for a hospital

On the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion, a resident of Dymer village in the Kyiv region went to the suburbs to investigate the situation. Svitlana saw a Russian fuel truck with a flat tire. The key was in the ignition, so the girl decided to get behind the wheel and drive the truck to a field. There she called her neighbor Valentyn Hryshchenko for help, and he drove the truck off-road.

The man hid the truck in the bushes. First, he wanted to set the occupants’ truck on fire. But after giving it some thought, he decided to donate the gas to a local hospital. There was no electricity in the city and there were many wounded in the hospital. There was enough gas for more than a week. When the Kyiv region was liberated, the man gave the truck to the Ukrainian defenders. He is happy that he could first support doctors and now the troops in this way.

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