To Defenders of Freedom

Dina Lystopad hid and saved a 300-year-old Gospel from the Russian occupants in Izium

Dina Lystopad worked in the Izium Local History Museum. Back in March, when the city in the Kharkiv region was already under severe artillery shelling, the woman personally came to the museum and hid a Gospel, issued by Hetman Ivan Mazepa in 1707. 

“This book deserves special attention, in silver and gilding, an example of Ukrainian baroque. We began to hide the most valuable things. First – precious metals, then – items with special value, including this Gospel. In the entire history of book printing, it was issued only twice,” Dina told Suspilne.

Photo: Obrii Iziumshchyny

Along with other research associates at the museum, Dina resorted to some tricks to preserve the cultural heritage of Ukraine: they put a book that looked a bit like the Gospel on display in hopes that marauders and Russians would not notice the difference.

The city of Izium was liberated from Russian occupation in September 2022. The Gospel, as well as other valuable items, remained safe. However, the building of the museum needs repair: the roof was damaged from the shelling.

Dina Lystopad herself managed to evacuate from Izium with her family back in March. She moved to Kropyvnytskyi, where she got a job at a local history museum.

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