To Defenders of Freedom

Demydiv residents flooded their village to prevent Russian troops from advancing on Kyiv

In the first days of the full-scale invasion, the Russians entered the village of Demydiv. This town is connected with Kyiv by two crossings — the bridge from Kozarovychi was bombed by Russian artillery, and the dam in Demydiv was blown up by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But residents who talk to journalists after the liberation of the region mostly do not regret the destruction. The water created a natural barrier for the tanks. Thanks to this, the Ukrainian artillery was able to prepare in advance for strikes on points where the Russians were building pontoon crossings.

The head of the village, Oleksandr Melnychenko, says that 6 residents died during the month of occupation. Houses and shops were damaged by shellings. But the village managed to avoid the terrible fate of Bucha and did not become a battlefield. Now the people of Demydiv are waiting for the water to subside and will unite to clean up. They cook and treat each other together, and the neighbors bring fuel for the pumps.

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