To Defenders of Freedom

Combat medic Diana Kukurudziak took 16 wounded soldiers off the battlefield in one day

When the girl was signing the contract with her brigade, her father tried to persuade her to rethink her decision. Only later did Diana tell her dad about her experiences. On one of the first days of service, the girl took 16 soldiers off the battlefield. The ambulance was designed to only take one wounded man, a doctor, and a driver, but they were taking out 5, 7 soldiers at a time. Diana was providing first aid while the Russians were shooting at the car.

“I survived airstrikes from Russian fighters; saw explosions from artillery shells, tanks, and mines; wounded and dead comrades; and bullets whizzing past. Amidst fierce battles with the enemy, who greatly outnumbered us, I could only crawl under fire. I couldn’t get up, even when my comrades were shouting: “Run!…”. Then they pulled me by the arm into a shelter…” says Diana Kukurudziak. The combat medic received the Order for Courage of the third degree for her service.

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