To Defenders of Freedom

Chernihiv resident Diana walked kilometers barefoot with a gunshot to the leg. Russian occupiers had killed her mother and her husband’s brother

On March 9, Diana Yemelianova and her husband Sasha, his 15-year-old brother Maxym, and her mother tried to leave Chernihiv by car. On the way out of the village of Kolychivka, they did not have time to notice that there were Russian tanks ahead. The family tried to break away from the occupiers, but they fired upon the car. When the car stalled, Diana’s husband began shouting for everyone to crawl out, but his brother had already died. A hundred meters away, the woman’s mother could no longer crawl as well.

The two of them traveled about three kilometers to the nearest checkpoint. Diana left her jacket and shoes in the car because it was hot. First, they crawled, then crossed a swamp and a burned field. Her husband helped Diana move, and the Ukrainian military got her on a stretcher and took her into surgery. Now Diana and Sasha are in the west of Ukraine, still not sure of what happened to their relatives’ bodies. The Kolychivka residents have probably buried them in an apple orchard.

We will never forgive the enemies for their crimes!

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