To Defenders of Freedom

Chef and popularizer of Ukrainian borscht Ievgen Klopotenko opened a restaurant with a free-of-charge menu

Ievgen is the co-founder of the “100 rokiv tomu vpered” restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in Kyiv, where he also works as a chef. He is also actively involved in social projects. For example, he developed a menu for school cafeterias and fights for change in Ukrainian food culture. Now, Ievgen and his business partner Inna Popereshnyuk have opened a restaurant in Lviv called “Others” to symbolize how different Ukrainians are from their Russian occupier.

The special feature of the restaurant is that visitors can choose one of two menus: regular or “Menu №2,” which is free and includes a main course, salad, and a pot of coffee. They promise to expand the menu, but invariably there will always be borscht — smoked, like from the oven.

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