To Defenders of Freedom

Captain Anton and his fellow servicemen collect the fallen occupiers to exchange them for Ukrainians

Kharkiv region is one of the most affected in Ukraine. The regional center was shelled after 3 months of the full-scale invasion, and fighting is still ongoing in some settlements. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military searches for the bodies of dead Russian servicemen in the liberated territories. The men take the bodies of soldiers, which their state is in no hurry to take away on its own.

Captain Anton Ivannikov directs the operation. He says that the search begins after the end of active hostilities. More than 60 bodies have already been collected from several villages and placed in a refrigerated wagon. According to Mr. Anton, there are even soldiers who have committed suicide — the occupiers make this decision in order not to be taken as prisoners. Then the military will exchange the dead for Ukrainians — prisoners or bodies of the fallen.

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