Bookstore director and professor Viktor Razzhyvin evacuated more than 25 thousand books from Sloviansk

In 2014, the Russians already occupied the city of Sloviansk. The Ukrainians managed to free it on July 6, a few days before Viktor Razzhyvin’s departure. This time, the man hoped that the hostilities would not last long either. But as a result, he decided to leave the city again. However, not alone.

The bookstore of the Ukrainian chain “Knyharnia Ye” in Sloviansk has been operating for 5 years. In this time, the business, of which Victor is the director, was doing well. However, after the full-scale invasion of Russia, many locals decided to evacuate, and it made no sense to run a book business under such conditions.

Viktor transported 25,000 books from the city. Their fate could have been tragic: Russians burn Ukrainian books in the occupied territories. Now they are packed up and in Kyiv. Mr. Victor says: “I am not going to open a store in any other city, because I am a patriot of Sloviansk. As soon as the front “moves back” and the situation in the city improves, we will return — and the bookstore will work again.”

Good luck, Mr. Viktor! Your wish will surely come true!