To Defenders of Freedom

Biathlete and champion of the Youth Olympic Games, Khrystyna, joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since 2016, the girl has been representing the National Guard at competitions. Khrystyna is also a winner of the Biathlon World Championships. In February, she planned to join a competition in Italy, but the war changed her plans. On February 24, the girl woke up to a friend’s message, then friends from Chernihiv and Kyiv were sending photos of the horrors they had experienced. It was dangerous to return home, so the girl was temporarily assigned to perform her duties at her place of stay at that time.

“I have temporarily changed my rifle for biathlon to a machine gun. But no matter what weapon I have, whether I’m in competitions or in the army — I’ll stand till the end! We will definitely win!” says the athlete and servicewoman with conviction.

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