To Defenders of Freedom

Anna Timchenko from the bombed town of Bucha gave birth in an apartment without light, water, gas, heat, painkillers and doctors.

The woman had to give birth in a Kyiv maternity hospital. But when the Russians began bombing the city, she and her husband and brother refused to go to Anna’s parents in the capital. Soon they had to hide in the basement constantly. There were problems with communication and electricity, and then Anna told her mother that she had run out of food.

But on March 8, she gave birth to a baby girl — three neighbours came to help, with whom the young mother met in a shelter. Anna’s husband cut the umbilical cord. The girl was named Alice. The whole story of the baby is told by a grandmother who prays for a green corridor for Bucha so that her daughter and her husband and child can go at least to Kyiv, then to Transcarpathia.

Anna’s mother sent this photo after her daughter finally evacuated from Bucha with her child.

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