To Defenders of Freedom

Actor Oleskii rescued more than 200 animals from formerly occupied Irpin

Until February 24, Ukrainian actor Oleksii Surovtsev had a busy schedule: filming, concerts, events. Before the Russian invasion, the man went on a long-awaited vacation to the Carpathians. When he learned about the bombing of the country, he began to look for a way home. Upon his return, the Irpin resident took up Molotov cocktails, patrolled the streets, and caught looters. When the Russians fired on the newly constructed building where the man lives, he helped put out the fires and get the neighbors out.

One day, Oleksii was asked to rescue a cat left in a locked car. The animal had sat without food and water under gunfire for 4 days. The man got the animal out and told that story on Instagram, which helped locate the owners. After that, the actor began to receive new requests for the rescue of lost or abandoned animals.

The man drives around Irpin, looking and calling for cats and dogs, and when he finds them, he calms them down, feeds them, and puts them in a carrier. If the owners cannot be found, Oleksii transfers the animals to his own shelter at the veterinary clinic where they undergo rehabilitation. In total, the man has already saved more than 200 animals.

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