To Defenders of Freedom

A woman with three young children lived in occupied Bucha for almost a month

Lesya is raising two 4-month-old girls and a 2-year-old boy. In Bucha, she happened to also be with her mother, who has a disability. So the woman was not able to evacuate when Russian troops occupied the city. The family lived without water, electricity, and heating. Neighbors helped out: they lit fires behind the garage, carried water, and cooked. But the threat was constant. One day, when the firewood ran out, one of the neighbors went to the forest nearby, but the occupiers shot the man holding a bundle of sticks.

Lesya with her kids

The woman remains in her apartment in her hometown. Her son has already learned to say his first words: “hide” and “they are shooting.” Despite everything she has experienced, Lesya believes in our army and Ukrainian victory.

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