To Defenders of Freedom

A nurse from the Luhansk region, who lost her legs due to an enemy mine, married her sweetheart in a hospital

23-year-old Oksana from Lysychansk was returning home on the footpath with her beloved Viktor. When the woman went to report a shell, an explosion erupted and tore off her legs and four fingers of her left hand. Doctors in Lysychansk performed four operations on Oksana. Then the nurse was evacuated to Dnipro, where other doctors prepared the limbs for prosthetics.

At first, it was difficult for the woman to accept her terrible injuries. But Victor says that he is able to help her physically, and psychological support is most important now. Already in the hospital in Lviv, they made a decision that had been postponed for a long time — the couple got married. Oksana and Viktor have been together for 6 years and are raising two children. Now they have rehabilitation and prosthetics abroad before them.

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