To Defenders of Freedom

A dog in the Kyiv region waited for more than a month for her owner who was killed by the Russian army

Rini the dog lived with the Zadorozhniuk family in Makariv village in the Kyiv region. A few years ago, her owner died of COVID, so there was only his wife Tetyana left in the house. When the Russian occupiers came to the village, the woman did not have time to evacuate with her friend. One of the occupiers took Tetyana out to the neighboring house, where he raped her for several days and then violently killed her. The neighbors were not able to help her; the invaders locked people in the basement and threatened to shoot them. When the village was liberated by Ukrainian defenders, her body was buried in her yard.

All this time, Rini was waiting for her owner on the doorstep. When Ukrainians came to the village, the dog refused to eat or even leave the yard. Nadiia heard about Rini’s story and decided to help. She visited the dog for a couple of days and fed and cared for her. Eventually, the woman managed to take the dog from the empty house — now she has a new family.

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