To Defenders of Freedom

A design studio in Cherkasy sews uniforms with cute surprises for the territorial defense

Tailors of a local Cherkasy studio exchanged the tailoring of civilian clothes for that of military uniforms. On the second day after the invasion, the craftswomen realized that, unlike the Armed Forces, the territorial defense units, to whom men began to join en masse, did not have clothes. The tailors bought rolls of fabric at their own expense, later volunteers from Poland helped. Svitlana from Kharkiv also helps work on the clothes — she says she feels useful and safe here.

Svitlana from Kharkiv

The craftswomen put gifts in each jacket: delicacies in one pocket and a watercolor card from the studio designer in the other. King the cat also makes the clothes special for the warriors. He lives in the studio and lays on the chosen forms so that “nothing hurts the defenders.”

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