To Defenders of Freedom

91-year-old Lyubov Pohoniuk donated a dress, which she sewed during a ten-year exile to the Gulag, for making camouflage netting

In 1944, Mrs. Lyubov’s brother and father were killed by the Soviet army. In the fall, together with her mother and sister, she was deported to Siberia, but the woman managed to escape for a short time. In 1945, however, she was arrested and sent to the Gulag concentration camps for 10 years. There, in 1954, she sewed a dress that she has kept until now.

For the volunteers to be able to make camouflage nets, the woman handed over her dress with a note that said “UPA liaison officer under the pseudonym ‘Sumna’ (‘Sad’).” However, the volunteers refused to accept such a precious gift—they saved the dress and have already donated it to the museum.

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