To Defenders of Freedom

85-year-old artist Liubov Panchenko died because of a prolonged hunger strike in occupied Bucha

The woman stayed in her house for a month and went on a hunger strike. She could not walk on her own and needed constant care. On April 2, after Bucha’s liberation, Liubov Panchenko was moved to a hospital in Kyiv. The woman died on April 30.

Liubov Panchenko was one of the sixtiers-patriots who, despite Kremlin pressure, developed Ukrainian culture during the Soviet era. All her works had a pronounced Ukrainian flavor, because of which Liubov Mykhailivna was persecuted, and her paintings were hidden. “The KGB could not break Liubov Panchenko, but she suffered greatly during the new Russian invasion,” Anatolii Fedoruk, the mayor of Bucha, says.

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