To Defenders of Freedom

46-year-old Oleksandr Drimanov, diagnosed with lung cancer, became a volunteer driver

Two years ago, Oleksandr was diagnosed with a terrible disease. Since then, he has completed 40 sessions of chemotherapy, so he wasn’t allowed to join the army or the Territorial Defense Forces. The man decided to help the defenders as a volunteer, but his health doesn’t let him dig trenches or make Molotov cocktails.

However, it didn’t stop Oleksandr. Instead, he’s delivering humanitarian aid from volunteers to the military in the south of Ukraine. “Even if you’re sick, cross-eyed, crooked, you still have to be useful. You can’t hide,” the man says. At home, Oleksandr’s 12-year-old son, temporarily under the care of neighbors, is waiting for him.

Source: war.stories.from.ukraine

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