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29-year-old defender Maksym was killed in the Kharkiv region

Maksym Kiuz, call sign Jeweler, served in the Territorial Defence Force of the AFU. On November 3, 2022, he was killed in a combat mission near the village of Masiutivka, the Kharkiv region. During the shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian defenders, one of the fragment hit Kiuz directly in his heart.

Maksym was born in the village of Napadivka, the Ternopil region. He graduated from the Lanovets Vocational and Technical School and worked as a hardware assembler for a company installing metal-plastic windows and doors.

With the beginning of the full-scale war, the man joined the 105th Separate Brigade of Territorial Defence Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“The dearest, the bravest, the best elder brother… For the sake of his family, he did not hesitate to go to that damned hell. I am grateful to have such a great brother. I am grateful that my nephews had the best dad in the world. I am grateful that my parents had such a great son… Thank you for rendering your life for us and showing by your example what a real man should be, a real Hero of Ukraine,” said the defender’s sister Yana.

Maksym was buried in his home village. The defender left behind his wife Maryna, daughter Katrusya and son Nazaryk, his parents, younger sister and brother.

The story was prepared by the Memorial. The platform collects stories of servicemen and civilians killed by Russia.

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