To Defenders of Freedom

19-year-old Ukrainian defender Ruslana Danilkina lost her leg at the frontline

At the age of 18, Ruslana was not afraid to become a volunteer in the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the start of a full-scale invasion, and today she is an example of the courage and bravery of Ukrainian youth.

Her story was told by Konstantyn & Vlada Liberov.

Rusia (short for Ruslana) got the position of communications operator. Her job was to receive information about the arrival of enemy shells, the movement of equipment, troops, and any suspicious sounds or explosions – and pass it on to the command. The girl had to work both day and night, almost round the clock.

Despite the constant stress, Rusya did her job well until February 10, 2023, when her military vehicle came under mortar fire during a combat mission.

“I thought that my life was over. Combat medics who, by a lucky coincidence, were driving behind us put a tourniquet on me! They saved my life! After I was transferred to the medical vehicle, my leg was placed near me. Then I realized that my life would change forever from now on!” the girl recalls.

The girl lost her leg and, according to the doctors, even risked losing her life.

Rusia cried non-stop for the first two days in the hospital. And then she decided to fight. Today, the girl wants to become an example for everyone who, just like her, lost limbs in this war. To show one can have a full and happy life.

Much work with rehabilitation and prosthetics awaits Rusia, but there is no doubt that she will not surrender and achieve her goal.

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