15-year-old Diana tried to save her family with shrapnel in her shoulder

On March 30, when the Russian military was retreating from the Chernihiv region, they shelled the local village of Kyinka. Two shells flew into the yard, where 15-year-old Diana Shyrai lived with her mother and grandfather. The whole family fell to the floor. The girl quickly got her bearings: she bandaged her grandfather’s leg and put pressure on the wound on her mother’s head. Diana ran to call an ambulance, but due to shelling, doctors could not reach the wounded.

Diana called her neighbor, Mr. Oleh. The man was then in Chernihiv, 9 kilometers from Kyinka. Meanwhile, Diana pushed the car out on her own — a fire broke out in the yard of the house and she was worried that the car would explode. She also tried to catch up with the tank that was driving past the house, but she was unsuccessful. Neighbor Oleh and his son arrived in 25 minutes. He put Diana and his mother in his car, and his son took the grandfather in another car.

Mr. Oleh, the neighbor

“Mom was losing a lot of blood from her head. She was lying in my lap, moving her legs, lifting them, and asking me not to scream. I kept talking to her, asking her to live, and saying that she was the only one for me. Mom kept repeating that everything will be fine,” — the girl recalls.

Diana’s mother died in the hospital. Only here the girl realized that she was injured. A fragment of shell had hit her right shoulder. It is still there because it needs a large-scale operation, which can lead to complications. A local surgeon and other doctors are monitoring the girl’s condition. And a psychologist helps her cope with her grief.

Kateryna, Diana Shyrai’s mother, who died because of the shelling

“My mother was a friend to me, we were together every day. I always waited for her after work and we went somewhere for a walk. We did not like to stay at home and often traveled. I want to tell her everything, I can’t believe that she’s not there. I think that she is on a business trip or has gone somewhere,” — the girl relates.

Diana is currently finishing her first year of college. She dreams of becoming a lawyer like her mother because the woman constantly repeated: “You will grow up and become even better than me.” Currently, the girl is trying to live independently. She lost her cat during the shelling, so she is sheltering a kitten. Now Diana is waiting for her grandfather to return from the hospital, so they can support each other.

Strength to you, brave girl!