Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine has been going on for more than eight years, and since February 24, it has grown into a full-scale war.

We call on all journalists to cover events in Ukraine objectively and thoughtfully and help us defend our independence.

Russia is waging not only a classic war against Ukraine and democracy, but also an information war. It uses fake news, post-truth, an army of bots, and black PSYOPs to spread lies and sow doubts.

To counter Russian manipulative propaganda, we actively disseminate what has been happening in Ukraine for the past eight years and during the full-scale invasion.

Please read about the critical events of the war since 2014 and check the glossary for them. Be brave to call a spade a spade.

Russia's aggression against Ukraine

Check out the timeline of 8-years


Check the official information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about the current situation during the full-scale invasion of Russia. Select the date and get data (in English) on the following issues:

  • War situation
  • Diplomatic efforts
  • Actions by the international community
  • Humanitarian situation
  • Economic recovery
  • Russia's responsibility
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Verified sources

Information directly from the official institutions
of Ukraine
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In wartime

Russia’s referendum in Ukraine is illegal and will not be recognized by the world. What the consequences can be?

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In wartime

Ukrainian forces liberated most of the Kharkiv region in a rapid counter-offensive

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