Despite constant shelling, we managed to evacuate cows from the Mykolaiv region

For three months, the Avangard agricultural holding had suffered from constant shelling by the Russian army in the Mykolaiv region. The farm got into a ”gray zone”, and the owner of the farm was looking for ways to save the animals through social media.

Volunteers at the farm in the Mykolaiv region. Photo: Andriy Kovch

The first attempt to evacuate failed: the cars were shot. Finally, volunteers from Drohobych, the Lviv region, helped evacuate the animals. “When we arrived, the farms were destroyed, many cows had shrapnel wounds,” recalls Andriy Kovch, Deputy Head of the Drohobych City Council.

A truck was fired upon after a previous unsuccessful evacuation. Photo: Andriy Kovch

The evacuation preparation lasted four days, and the process took about three hours. Volunteers evacuated the cattle from the frontline zone in cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine under enemy rocket and artillery fire.

They managed to evacuate 120 cows to the Lviv region. Some of the wounded animals were operated on, and their condition improved significantly. Currently, cows are kept at the Municipal Tarkom farm, which has 50 hectares of land for pasture. 

In addition, the farm grows perennial grasses for harvesting hay, corn for silage, legumes, and cereals on 120 hectares. The Drohobych community also plans to set up a small milk processing plant in the future.

“After the victory, our soldiers will return here – and there will be farms, agriculture, jobs. There will be life here,” says Andrii Kovch.

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