The damage to the farm is estimated at $1.5 million, but we will rebuild everything

The Naporivske farm in the Lukashivka village, the Chernihiv region, had been under Russian occupation for almost a month. More than one hundred and fifty cows died here, and not a single building was left undamaged. 

Despite the huge losses, Hryhorii Tkachenko, the owner of the farm, feels optimistic about the future and has already begun the reconstruction.

Under shelling from the first days of the war

“The shelling started on February 25-26: Russians shelled the farm with MLRS. According to my calculations, about 60 Uragan rockets fell on our territory,” says Hryhorii Tkachenko. At the same time, the farm became a gathering point for civilians. “There was primitive communication here, and people came to charge their phones. We became an oasis of life.”

After the Russian army captured the village on March 9, the farm also came under occupation, which lasted for a month. All the buildings were destroyed, and 158 heads of cattle were killed. Many cows also scattered around during the shelling. 

158 cows were killed in the village of Lukashivka.

“The occupants treated the equipment barbarically. They shot wheels, broke the glass, removed batteries, generators, starters,” recalls the farm owner. Fuel tanks were damaged by shrapnel and direct shelling, resulting in a shortage of diesel fuel.

Mine clearing is over, but reconstruction is still ahead

Ukrainian army liberated the village of Lukashivka on March 31. “We felt terrible after the occupation. For about ten days, we did not even know where to start: everything around was mined, and rockets were lying everywhere,” says Hryhorii Tkachenko.

The farmers buried the dead animals and, with the assistance of official mine clearing units, started clearing the area: there were many mines and other explosives left by the Russians on the roadsides and fields. Nevertheless, the enterprise managed to carry out the sowing campaign: Naporivske cultivates 1,500 hectares of land, where cereals, oilseed crops, and vegetables are grown.

Hryhorii Tkachenko near the destroyed equipment.

Hryhorii Tkachenko estimates the total damage at $1.5 million. That includes the cost of equipment destroyed, buildings damaged, livestock killed, fertilizers and seeds destroyed. 

Currently, active rebuilding of the farm and repairing of equipment is underway. In particular, the milking parlor and milk cooler have been restored. “I am optimistic about the future,” says Tkachenko. “Ukraine must win, and we will rebuild everything even better than before.”

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