Each of our fields had traces of shelling and projectile remnants

The Makariv-Agrobud enterprise in the Kyiv region was at the epicenter of hostilities. It was heavily damaged by Russian shelling – most of the buildings were damaged or destroyed, and six thousand tons of grain and seeds were burned in the enterprise’s warehouses. The total losses are estimated at 3-5 million dollars.

In early April, Russian troops withdrew from the Kyiv region, but 2800 hectares of Makariv-Agrobud farmland were still not ready for the sowing period. 

“What should we do with the fields, when there are some traces of the shelling in each of them? In one place, a rocket was knocked down, and in another – a Grad projectile hit,” recalls Ilya Potapenko, managing director of the enterprise. “We gathered volunteers in the village and searched all our fields, marking those places with flags.” Then the SES representatives neutralized the ammunition and helped clear the fields.

Ilya Potapenko near the feild of corn.

This made it possible to carry out the sowing campaign in 2022: the company sowed its land by 97%. “Before the war, during the war, and after the war – we just do our job,” says Ilya Potapenko.

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