A family killed

Two young children and their mother were killed in a shelling in the Zaporizhzhia region

The building, where a family lived, damaged by Russian shelling. Photo from personal archive / Ukrainska pravda

Mykhailo Borovyk was one year and eight months old. He died in Kamianka, the Zaporizhzhia region, on August 26, 2022: the occupants shelled one of the residential buildings in the village, where the boy and his family lived. The upper floor slabs crushed the child. His 29-year-old mother Anastasiia and 8-year-old brother Roman were also killed by Russian shelling.

Mykhailo was a very desired child. He just started learning about the world.

“He was like a hurricane: there he ran, there he pulled, there he scattered the stuff. When we were visiting them, he smiled a lot, pulled handles. He had just started talking, humming. He was playing with his older brother Romchyk [а form of the name “Roman” – ed].,” recalled Yeseniia, a friend of the mother and the boy’s godmother.

Borovyk brothers.
Photo from family archive / Ukrainska pravda

Mother Anastasiia was just about to send her son to kindergarten. The woman wanted to get back to work after her maternity leave. But all the plans and dreams of this family were destroyed by the Russians, who took the lives of Anastasiia and her two sons.

Anastasiia. Photo from family archive / Ukrainska pravda

Mykhailo is survived by his father, grandmother and grandfather.

The story was prepared by the Memorial. The platform collects stories of servicemen and civilians killed by Russia.

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