111 civilians and 35 military personnel dead

Two large burial sites were found after the liberation of Lyman

Lyman exhumation
Photo: Wolfgang Schwan

After the city of Lyman, the Donetsk region, had been liberated from the Russian occupation, two mass burial sites were found. On October 20, the exhumation process was completed. In one of the burial sites, bodies of 111 civilians were found and in another – bodies of 35 Ukrainian defenders.

In total, 166 bodies were exhumed in the liberated territories of the northern part of the Donetsk region. Among them were 85 men, 66 women, and 10 people whose sex has not been determined. The police also found bodies of five children, the youngest of which was born in 2021.

The National Police of Ukraine reports that those people died from mine-explosive and shrapnel wounds as a result of Russian shelling, as well as from natural causes. In the burial sites, there were bodies with signs of violent death.

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