26 dead (including 3 children), 200 and more injured

The Russians fired rockets at the center of Vinnytsia

Consequences of the missile attack. Photo: SES of Ukraine

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, the Office of the President’s deputy, reported on the Vinnytsia’s shelling by the Russian military on the morning of July 14. Rockets hit the city center.

The State Emergency Service informs that the hit occurred in the parking lot near the local “House of Everyday Life” (office building). Also, a fire partly destroyed a medical-diagnostic center nearby and burned 25 cars.

As a result of the rocket attack, 26 people died, including 3 children. 200 and more people were injured and asked for a medical help.

A woman with a little child became the victims of the Russian missile attack. Photo: SES of Ukraine

90 rescuers, cynologists, and psychologists work at the place of the shelling.

Video: SES of Ukraine

Air Force Command of Ukrainian Armed Forces informed that Russia hit the center of Vinnytsia with “Kalibr” cruise missiles and launched them from a submarine in the Black Sea. Anti-aircraft missile troops of the Air Force destroyed two missiles.

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