Occupant also shot his son, but the boy survived.

Russian soldier killed a man in front of one of his three sons in occupied Bucha

Ruslan Nechyporenko with his son Yuriy. Photo from the family archive

Okhmatdyt National Children’s Specialized Hospital reported on the shelling of two Bucha residents. Ruslan Nechyporenko, 47 years old, a father of three, and his youngest son, Yuriy, rode bicycles to the city center. They needed humanitarian aid and medicine. At that time, the family lived without gas, electricity, and water for almost two weeks.

“We were riding bicycles when the Russian military came out of the house. We stopped, raised our hands, and said we had no weapons. But the soldier started shooting at my father. He fell. Then the military started firing at me, two bullets hit my hand. I fell to the ground. The soldier still fired into the hood, but the bullet did not hit my head,” — said 14-year-old Yura at the hospital.

Yuriy Nechyporenko at the hospital.
Photo: Okhmatdyt Facebook page

The boy lay on the ground for a few minutes. When the soldier left, Yura ran to the nearest shelter and people gave him first aid there. The boy got home and told his family about his father’s death. Relatives could not pick up Ruslan’s body for two days. When they found the body, the man’s white bandages disappeared. Also, the phone, wallet, and keys to the house disappeared. The victim’s wife said that Ruslan had wounds in her heart and head. The man’s body was buried in the yard of his house.

“I knew I needed to save the children and myself. We heard about a “green corridor” on March 19. We had to get to the gathering place on our own. We were walking down the street where my husband was shot. We walked and prayed for our lives every second. We heard explosions nearby, we were stopped by Russian assassins. We went and were ready to say goodbye to life every second,” — tells Alla Nechyporenko.

Nechyporenko family before the war.
Photo from the family archive

The family evacuated to the Cherkasy region. Yura got medical care at Okhmatdyt Hospital and officially recorded the injuries. The boy was shot in the arm, forearm, and finger. Now he and the rest of his family are in safety.

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