Phosphorus munitions shelling

Russian military destroyed the Avdiivka School №1 in the Donetsk region

Avdiivka School №1

Russians destroyed another educational institution in Donbas — Avdiivka School №1. On the night of May 18, the Russian army fired on the building with banned phosphorus munitions. The school burned down completely. Fortunately, no one has injured: only those on duty were in the building, and they could escape.

Before the large-scale Russian invasion, more than 200 children attended the school №1. There were no Ukrainian servicemen on the school premises. Pavlo Kyrylenko, the Head of the Donetsk regional military administration, reported the destruction in the morning.

Since February 24, the Russians have damaged and destroyed 416 educational institutions in Donbas. In particular, 181 kindergartens, 191 schools, 23 vocational schools, and 21 universities.

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