Almost each of the North Saltivka’s sixteen-story buildings is damaged

Russian captive confirmed that Russian artillerists had deliberately destroyed residential high-rise buildings in Kharkiv

Kharkiv residents walk the streets after the shelling. Photo: the National Guard of Ukraine

Commander of the Russian Armed Forces 25th Artillery Brigade informed that the Russian jet division had been targeting exactly the residential high-rise buildings of Kharkiv — the enemy had deliberately shelled civil objects. Security Service of Ukraine shared this information after a conversation with the Russian commander.

The captive affirms that he didn’t participate in the shelling of residential areas. Also, he gave the personal information of Russian occupiers who were involved in the other war crimes of the Russian Federation. They killed civilians in Kharkiv.

Additionally, one of Kharkiv’s districts, North Saltivka, was under fire almost every day since the war began. Nowadays, nearly each of its sixteen-story buildings is damaged.

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