400 killed, 200 disappeared (the number is rising)

Bucha massacre. Russians killed, raped, and tortured people in the Kyiv region

Bodies found after the liberation of Bucha. Locals would later report mass executions of army-age men (16-60 years old), lined up against the wall in backyards, hands tied with rope or tape. Photo: Vadim Ghirda
Bodies found after the liberation of Bucha. Photo: Vadym Ghirda

From March 3 to April 1, 2022, the Russian military occupied the city of Bucha in the suburbs of Kyiv.

On April 2, the whole world was terrified. The first videos and photos of Bucha liberated from the Russians became public. The Russians brutally killed innocent people for no reason.

International and Ukrainian media are spreading more and more new eyewitness reports of murders, torture, shootings in the middle of the street, rape of women and children, animal cruelty, and more.

Photo: Mykhailo Palinchak

90% of people died from shootings, and they had bullet wounds. Rescuers and soldiers found residents’ bodies in private estates, parks, squares, and mass graves.

“We located three places in Bucha: the territory of an agricultural machinery enterprise, where the Russian occupiers dumped people’s bodies with their hands tied. Also, we found people with their hands tied and bullet wounds at Vokzalna and Yablunska streets and near children’s camp,” said Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk.

Photo: Raphael Lafargue

Read more about the Bucha massacre and horrors in the Kyiv region here: The timeline of tragedy: Bucha massacre, nightmares of Irpin and Hostomel

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