A Russian soldier raped Anna from a village near Borodyanka and threatened to kill her husband if he interfered

Anna after telling her story to the Telegraph. Photo: Paul Grover

On March 9, the woman spent the night with her husband at home. Three Russian occupiers knocked on the door of their house. Earlier in the day, soldiers came to the couple’s home and confiscated their phones and laptops.

The occupiers ordered Anna to help them “find other women.” Russians were holding Anna’s husband at gunpoint and threatening to imprison him if he interfered. They forced her to knock on all the doors in the neighborhood. Anna said the Russians shot one man while he was trying to save his wife.

The occupiers took the women to an abandoned house. They forced the women out of a broken window. Anna said that Russians were rude and discussed the age of women. One woman was taken upstairs while Anna was left alone with another occupant.

“I asked him how old he was. He said he was 19, and I said I could be his mother. I have a son his age. I asked how old his mother was, but he didn’t answer. I think this woman was my age,” told Anna, adding that the attacker “did terrible things.”

After the rape, the occupier threatened Anna. He said that if she wouldn’t listen to him, he would take her to the headquarters to “serve all the soldiers.” When the soldier left the room, the woman took a risk and ran away.

Anna ran to her neighbor. But she could not calm down and went home. There Anna heard the whisper of her husband — he was hiding on the roof. The couple spent the night in the cold. Anna told her story to The Telegraph.

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