1 dead, and 4 injured, including a child

A Russian missile hit a residential building in Kyiv. A seven-year-old girl was rescued from the rubble

Consequences of the morning shelling of a residential building in Kyiv. Photo: SES

On the morning of June 26, Russia fired about 14 missiles in Kyiv and Kyiv region. The Kyiv City State Administration reported that the rocket hit an apartment building.

Twenty-five residents were evacuated from a house in Kyiv’s Shevchenkivskyi district that was hit by Russian missiles in the morning. According to Ihor Klymenko, Head of the National Police of Ukraine, 5 people were injured. A 7-year-old girl is also among the victims. Rescuers pulled the child out of the rubble and hospitalized him. Later the rescuers found her mother. One resident of the house died.

As a result of enemy shelling, a fire broke out in a 9-storey residential building; the rocket damaged the building from the 1st to the 7th floor.

Photo: Alina Smutko / Suspilne

Another Russian missile hit a kindergarten nearby. A funnel with a diameter of 7 meters appeared on the site of the playground. The water main in the yard was also damaged, but emergency services were able to quickly locate the leak. Kindergarten is temporarily without water.

Later, the monitoring group “Belarus Guyun” shared in its telegram channel an intercepted conversation between a Russian dispatcher and pilots of the Russian Air Force bombers. They launched missiles across Ukraine, using the airspace of Belarus. The interception passage contains phrases:

– It’s over. Thanks for the cover-up.
– We’ve watched, good job! Soft landing.

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