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The website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that a website places on your device (smartphone, tablet or computer). Cookies are stored on your device when you are on the Internet, and they have information on activity in your browser. 

There are two types of cookies that the website uses, necessary and analytical. Necessary cookies help us provide the best experience when you visit and navigate through website and use its features.

To improve and develop the website, we would like to know some data. For instance, what kind of information on website interests the visitors most, from which countries our website is visited, devices on which website is read, etc. Information of this type is collected with the help of Google Analytics which makes recording and analyzing the website statistics possible. Google Analytics collects information about the pages you visit on, and what time you spend on our pages, what you click on when you visit the website. You can read additional information about Google Analytics and information it collects here.

Our cookies do not store any sensitive information that could threaten your security or privacy.