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Timeline of Russia’s acts of terror in Ukraine

On October 10, Russia launched more than 80 missiles on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure. The attack is unprecedented in its scale but not in its essence.

Russia is a terrorist state, and since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, it has been terrorizing people in Ukraine by shelling cities across the country, targeting civilians, and committing tens of thousands of war crimes. More than 3500 missiles have been launched on Ukrainian territory in 7 months.

By October, at least thousands of civilians have been killed, more than 400 children among them.

We collected only some of the most terrifying terror acts of Russia’s full-scale war in Ukraine. The actual list is much longer, though.

February 24. Entire Ukraine

Photo: Emilio Morenatti

Russia attacked 17 regions of Ukraine, killing 57 and wounding at least 169 people during the first day of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Russia launched over 30 missiles on Ukrainian airports, destroyed 6 control posts and fired at our positions 393 times.

1 March. Kharkiv

Photo: Pavel Dorogoy / Associated Press

The city of Kharkiv has been suffering from massive Russian shelling thought all months of full-scale war. On March 1, a massive strike damaged the Kharkiv Regional State Administration building and killed 29 people.

On the same day, power plants and water pumps, apartment buildings, a dormitory, the Opera Theater, and the Philharmonic Music Hall were targeted by Russian missiles.

March 16. Mariupol Drama Theater

Photo: Pavlo Klimov / Reuters

Due to the massive bomb explosion, approximately 600 people are estimated to have died there. Eyewitnesses state that there were about 1,000 people inside.

Citizens, who were sheltering in the theatre, made a huge sign in Russian saying CHILDREN (ДЕТИ) on the pavement outside the building. That didn’t stop the pilot, who dropped a bomb. 

March 29. Mykolaiv Regional State Administration

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Russian missile hit a nine-story administrative building on Tuesday morning, just when people were getting to work. The entire central section of the building collapsed. 36 people were killed in the attack.

April 8. Kramatorsk railway station

Photo: Roman Kulyk

Peaceful citizens were trying to escape Russia’s shelling of the Donetsk region. They were waiting for evacuation trains when the Russian military launched two Tochka-U missiles. 61 people were killed, including 16 children, and 121 people were injured.

June 27. Shopping mall in Kremenchuk

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Russia targeted a crowded shopping mall with about 1000 visitors. The building was hightly damaged and caught on fire. 21 people were killed, one went missing, and 64 sought medical help.

Between June 25 and 27, Russian forces fired at least 77 missiles at Ukrainian regions.

July 14. Vinnytsia city center

Photo: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

”Kalibr” cruise missiles hit the centre of a peaceful city, killed civilians, burned down cars, and damaged several buildings. A fire partly destroyed a medical diagnostic centre nearby. 26 people died in the Russian attack, including 3 children. More than 200 people were injured.

August 24. Chaplyne railway station

Chaplyne train station
Photo: Andrii Tsapliienko

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, Russia intimidated Ukrainians by constantly and purposefully triggering the air raid alert system. In Kyiv alone, it went off seven times in a day.

Russian forces launched 8 missile attacks on Ukraine and hit the Chaplyne railway station with nearby civilian homes. 25 people were killed, and 31 were injured, kids among them.

September 30. Humanitarian convoy in Zaporizhzhia

Photo: Kateryna Klochko

Russia launched 16 S-300 missiles, targeting the city of Zaporizhzhia. The missiles hit a convoy of civilian cars and a car market area. On that day, 32 people were killed, including two chilldren, and 118 were injured.

October 10. Massive attack on Kyiv and Ukraine’s infrastructure

Photo: Finbarr O`Reilly / the New York Times

Russia launched the most unprecedented missile attack across entire Ukraine, using strategic aircraft, kamikaze drones, and different types of missiles to target critical infrastructure and civilian people in many cities of Ukraine. 14 people were killed, and 97 received injuries.

None of these were provoked. None of these was a response to explosions on Crimea Bridge or Ukrainian counter-offensive or anything else. For months and years, the sole existence of Ukrainians and independent Ukraine has been enough to “tease” Russia into acts of aggression and terror.

Russia must be recognized as a terrorist state and Putin’s regime as a sponsor of terrorism. And Ukraine needs more air defense and missile defense systems to protect civilians and infrastructure, especially in the forthcoming winter. As well as technical and financial support to rebuild what has been already damaged.

Because those, unlike talks about negotiation with terrorist Vladimir Putin, actually help.